Challenge and Reflection: Mapping out your Ikigai

Watch Prisha's video below to learn more about the Japanese concept of Ikigai and how to practice it.

Alternately, and for more information, read this wonderful article by Films for Action:

  • Find a friend, colleague, or family member that is interested in doing this reflection activity with you
  • Each spend 10 minutes filling out the Ikigai ‘flower’
  • Switch your Ikigai flowers and add things your friend may have missed such as skills or strengths
  • Each take 5 minutes to share your reflections based on the Ikigai exercise
  • Deepen your reflections by discussing the following:
    • Which of these aspects of your Ikigai are currently being fulfilled in your work or other activities?
    • What can you do to find more meaning and purpose in your existing activities?
    • What can you pursue outside of your existing work and activities that is closer to your Ikigai?

Link for Reflection:

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