Challenge and Reflection: Physical Well-being

Converging scientific evidence now shows that regular exercise significantly impacts mood. A wide ranging, long-term review of 39 high quality studies concludes that:

  • Mixed exercise and resistance exercise are more effective than aerobic exercise alone.
  • Intensity of exercise is not as important as just doing some exercise.
  • A routine of at least 12 exercise sessions/month has greater benefit than exercising less frequently.
  • Longer exercise sessions are better than shorter exercise sessions.

Based on these results, pick a mixed or resistance exercise that suits you, and try it out for at least twenty minutes, three times this week ("mixed" means two or more types of exercise, "resistance" training uses free weights, weight machines, resistance bands etc).

If you are not already fit, take it slowly. Remember, listen to your body.

It takes two or three weeks to experience a significant impact, but one week should get you going.

Enjoy yourself! If you hate gym-style "work outs" you can try dancing to your favorite music, gardening, or brisk walking in natural surroundings.

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