Essential Information for Registrants


Welcome to the Advanced Certificate Course on student mental health!

We are excited to have you on board. Our content has a documented track record in terms of improving the psychological wellbeing of students, including a sense of personal empowerment.

I know that most of you are in a hurry to get going, so we have compiled a FAQ of essential topics:

How can I use this training to benefit the psychological well-being of students?

This course provides many educational tools to show students how they can implement critical, science-based life skills that can prevent depression and improve psychological wellbeing. Nonetheless it cannot serve as treatment for students in urgent need of professional care. If you would like guidance on how to identify such students, SAMHSA in the US is a leader in the field.

How can I get the most out of this course?

The more you get out of the course, the more the students will benefit.

The best way to do this is to complete the optional as well as the required components for the Advanced Certificate, including the practical exercises. Without the exercises the whole course may remain a purely intellectual journey, instead of a life-changing experience!

What is Required to get my Certificate?

Required course components to obtain the Advanced Certificate
1. Score at least 70% on the quizzes.
2. Complete all 9 Modules and select "continue and complete" with each "lecture" within the modules.

Optional, but highly recommended, course components

1. Attend our weekly, free-ranging Zoom Q & A (you can join us via video, audio, or chat). If you would like to join, please write to us at [email protected]

2. Go through all the videos (you may have to do that anyway to pass the quizzes!) as well as the lesson plans and slide decks. The videos, detailed lesson plans and colorful slide decks may provide you with many ideas about how to educate your audience.

3. We recommend that educators take the 8 practical exercise modules. The more happiness you find through the exercises, the happier your students will be (76% percent of registrants who practice only one of the habits report feeling happier).

I took the free introduction, so do I have to take it again?

You are free to skip the videos, but please take the quiz once more in order to refresh your memory and progress to the next module. The quiz takes about one minute.

I have more questions!

Feel free to email us at [email protected], or text / call us at 1 ‪(631) 762-4506‬.

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